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Step into the world of seamless travel with us. We are all about creating memorable trips that blend comfort
with the thrill of discovery. Our team is your trusted guide to the globe’s wonders.

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About us

Travel Redefined: Our Story

Founded in 1995 by the visionary Naouri family, Green Meadows Travel & Tourism (GMTT) stands as the travel and tourism cornerstone of the esteemed Naouri Group.

We have risen to become a distinguished leader in Jordan’s travel industry. 

With four decades of expertise, we don’t just promise exceptional journeys — we deliver them.

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Guided by a seasoned team with some members boasting over 30 years in the field, we confidently fulfill nearly any travel wish. With 80+ professional staff and more than 25 sales agents.

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Awards & Certificates

Over the years, we have been recognized for our exceptional services by the top airlines and hotels in the region which has contributed
to our long list of awards and accolades. Our world-class level of services have truly set us apart from the competition.

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The Golden Helmsman of Tourism Award as
“The best tour operator in Jordan”

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The 31st International Award for Tourism
(New Millennium Award)

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International Golden Helmsmen
of Tourism Award


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